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holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

This would totally brighten my day!
(Most of which are extremely dark due to assessments and also the fact that in Scotland the sun goes down at 3:45 pm).
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It's back again!
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Go forth and fic/art!

Ho ho ho

Nov. 18th, 2012 09:31 am
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Never even heard of this before, but it sounds fun!
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There is now a podfic for "Yellow"! You can find it here, read by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] alice_alaizabel (whose voice is an absolute dream to listen to. Two words: British accent). Plus, she was brave enough to figure out the tongue-twister that is my username, so, extra kudos for that. :D (For those who are wondering, it's pronounced "fah" as in "fat" and "yeh" as in the beginning of "yell." Or you could listen to the podfic and hear it for yourself.)


oh sam

Feb. 23rd, 2012 04:31 pm
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Come join [livejournal.com profile] ohsam's 2-year anniversary celebration!

I'm in.

Sep. 22nd, 2011 10:55 pm
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And my thread is here!
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My Winter story is killing me with butter knives and lemon juice, and here I sit, horribly tempted to join... Someone hold me back.

Fic: Both

Jul. 4th, 2011 04:26 pm
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Title: Both
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam and Dean
Warning(s): Not happy fare.
Notes: Inspired by this vid by [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream. Written quickly to give me a break from the Christmas fic. Judge accordingly.
Summary: "Which wolf wins?" "The one you feed."

& )
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This broke me. It's everything I have ever loved about the boys.

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It just hit me 24 seconds into this.

In "Swan Song," Sam tells Dean, "You know I'm not coming back."

He meant it. 

I don't think this Sam is ever coming back.

Don't forget to go to BurntOutYesterday's vid page and say how much you liked his work.
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...and, hey, it's also for the Dean-girls who were super excited about the end of last week's episode.


A Sam-focused h/c challenge! Spread the word!
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I willingly admit it, [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream is one of my favorite vidders ever. And this is my new favorite vid.

I love the quiet gravity of it, the melancholy and solemn acceptance--it's not really charged with emotion (as in, electrifying, get your blood pumping) so much as it has deep, deep emotional currents running through it. You get sucked in and the only thing you can do is let it wash over you and carry you where it will.

Leave her a comment here.

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One of the reasons I love Sam Winchester is his inner strength, his determination. He's a fighter, always has been. Maybe he wasn't the perfect soldier John wanted him to be, but I think that's because he was fighting battles that no one knew about on a front that even he didn't understand.

I love this vid because it shows that strength in Sam, something which I think is often passed over in fan works.

ETA [7/27/11]: Originally, gaby0189's vid "Not Afraid" was embedded here, but today I discovered she took down her YT account! :( If anyone knows where I can find the vid, please let me know.

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I haven't committed, but I'm mulling it over.

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So I'm cruising around, checking things out ‘n stuff, and then I am struck by an idea. I decide to do RESEARCH. *pushes up nerdy glasses*

I have had my LJ since summer 2008 (and my first reaction is to slip into shock because really, it’s been 2 years? Since when! Prove it! Why have I not received a manual about how to become a successful writer on LJ yet? Okay, I’m only 20, but time is NOT ALLOWED to slip away from me like this. Stop it, Time. Now).

During these 2 years, I have made about 60 journal entries.

(This is where the research part comes in. Ready?)

In comparison to friends who have had their journals an equal amount of time, I am about 250 journal entries BEHIND. Yeah. They all have about 300 posts. Now comes another question:

What have I been doing all this time (besidestryingtogetaBAinLiteratureandnotbecomeahermitwithnofriendsandstillstaysane)?

Clearly, I have a lot to make up for. *prods muse*

There will be fiction later, if the muse cooperates. At the moment, to begin my penance, I bring recs! Uhh, excuse me while I dig through my recent bookmarks. Um, yes, HERE! I offer you words and moving pictures:

20 Things Sam Winchester Is Not Allowed To Do by deirdre_c

like a song by proofpudding


May. 17th, 2010 06:50 pm
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Show has killed me dead. I want to write for it, but I'm too overwhelmed by it. 'Sides, I'm in a wedding on Saturday and the bride's pretty much flipping her lid right now. Maybe a week will be enough for me to go home and I can write fic then? Just, right now I can't even write for past episodes either--it's the weirdest thing. I think it's 'cause I'm not seeing Sam in the same way. I mean, Season 1 Sam? HECK of a lot different than Sam in Swan Song (and I don't just mean the whole Samifer deal). I have to...figure him out now. He is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a taco.

Watch doode25's video. Most amazing vid for 5.22 that I have seen yet. I've watched it at least every day since I saw the episode and it still gets me.

Will someone PUHLEASE make a vid to Rob Thomas's "Ever the Same" for 5.22? I'M BEGGING YOU PEOPLE.


Apr. 21st, 2010 12:47 am
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Dean's secret.

I want to write fic SO BAD. *shakes fist at schoolwork*


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