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Saw this fic challenge on [livejournal.com profile] quickreaver's LJ and decided to take a stab to show that I'm still alive and functioning and all that (but still buried at grad school).

Seven sentences from page 7 of a WIP (the only one I have being the last part of Theophany (which is about 2 years overdue, I know, I know)).

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So I'm in the process of applying to grad schools.

I would rate it 10/10 for stress, +5 because they're all in the UK and I'm in 'murica. Also there's the small matter of me graduating a few years ago, so +5 for that and the feeble hope that anyone remembers me over there. Then my academic advisor and the professor of most of my major classes died unexpectedly a year ago, so +1000000 for that because now I have to a) figure out what other professors could write a letter for me, b) figure out which of those professors were ones who taught classes where I performed particularly well, and c) figure out which of those professors remembers me well enough.

In other news, I bought an out of print book from 1978 from Amazon for $40 used. (New copies are selling for about $200.) I know almost nothing about this book except that it has five stars almost everywhere and I had a bunch of gift cards saved up. I hope it's cool?

I'm doing super awesome when it comes to making decisions right now. Clearly. /facepalm

Go there.

Jul. 12th, 2010 09:16 pm
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Teh link of awesome (from [livejournal.com profile] borgmama1of5), aka, a tool that analyzes your writing style.

Apparently, I blog like Chuck Palahniuk(yes, I had no idea who he is; and yes, my fangirly side is rather tickled that apparently I write like "Chuck" :P), I write Supernatural fanfic like Stephen King, and I write original fic like Jane Austen.

I am well pleased by this conglomeration of people.
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So I'm cruising around, checking things out ‘n stuff, and then I am struck by an idea. I decide to do RESEARCH. *pushes up nerdy glasses*

I have had my LJ since summer 2008 (and my first reaction is to slip into shock because really, it’s been 2 years? Since when! Prove it! Why have I not received a manual about how to become a successful writer on LJ yet? Okay, I’m only 20, but time is NOT ALLOWED to slip away from me like this. Stop it, Time. Now).

During these 2 years, I have made about 60 journal entries.

(This is where the research part comes in. Ready?)

In comparison to friends who have had their journals an equal amount of time, I am about 250 journal entries BEHIND. Yeah. They all have about 300 posts. Now comes another question:

What have I been doing all this time (besidestryingtogetaBAinLiteratureandnotbecomeahermitwithnofriendsandstillstaysane)?

Clearly, I have a lot to make up for. *prods muse*

There will be fiction later, if the muse cooperates. At the moment, to begin my penance, I bring recs! Uhh, excuse me while I dig through my recent bookmarks. Um, yes, HERE! I offer you words and moving pictures:

20 Things Sam Winchester Is Not Allowed To Do by deirdre_c

like a song by proofpudding


May. 17th, 2010 06:50 pm
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Show has killed me dead. I want to write for it, but I'm too overwhelmed by it. 'Sides, I'm in a wedding on Saturday and the bride's pretty much flipping her lid right now. Maybe a week will be enough for me to go home and I can write fic then? Just, right now I can't even write for past episodes either--it's the weirdest thing. I think it's 'cause I'm not seeing Sam in the same way. I mean, Season 1 Sam? HECK of a lot different than Sam in Swan Song (and I don't just mean the whole Samifer deal). I have to...figure him out now. He is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a taco.

Watch doode25's video. Most amazing vid for 5.22 that I have seen yet. I've watched it at least every day since I saw the episode and it still gets me.

Will someone PUHLEASE make a vid to Rob Thomas's "Ever the Same" for 5.22? I'M BEGGING YOU PEOPLE.
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Commence the random! [Beware of spoilers (obviously) if you haven't seen it yet.]

Fangirling just ahead! )

Why such a long wait until hiatus is over?
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Changed the layout (obviously). I was looking for something a bit crisper and (by george) I think I found it.

Carry on.

P.S. Going to watch SPN's "My Bloody Valentine" tonight. I hear it's gruesome, but we watched The Sixth Sense and XXX on Valentine's Day (because that's just how completely awesome my wingmates are), so to heck with chick flicks! This Valentine's Day is about guns and explosions! Chocolate hearts are simply a bonus.
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Just got back from watching "The Book of Eli." I feel like I'll be an expert on the End Times after this semester. Between my Eschatology class, Supernatural, and all the hype about movies like "Book of Eli" and "Legion," I'll be set.

All I need now is a machete, aviators, and a King James Bible.



Jan. 6th, 2010 08:12 pm
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How now, Jared, with the short dark-haired girls? *dismay* And so many engagements in so little time? And proposing to the short dark-haired girls you always end up killing on the show?

And how now with copying everything that Jensen does?



Thank you, world, for listening to me vent.
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I GOT A RESPECTABLE GRADE IN ECONOMICS! *iz now calm* I worked so hard for that grade; it feels so nice to see that all that pain/brain-leaking-out-of-my-ears/weeping-my-eyes-out wasn't for nothing.

Watched Gilmore Girls with my mom this morning for the first time and showed her a few clips of Supernatural. I believe I have a new convert. *grin* 

In fic news, I'm writing my longest Supernatural story so far--and it's set in Hell. Happy happy times. But it is so intriguing. But dark. And I worry sometimes for what my family must hear me muttering in my sleep--the painful ways of wielding scalpels and the snide things Alistair must have said to Dean. I'll probably post it this weekend. I'm rather proud of this one, although I feel a little like C.S. Lewis did when he wrote Screwtape Letters and then decided, Never again.
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I got home last night after a 6-hour plane flight to a warm bed, hugs from my family, and Sam and Dean. Okay, Sam and Dean in little DVD cases, but STILL. I'll take what I can get. I bought the first four seasons on Amazon for cheap--I mean, really cheap. And they are NEW, and they are BEAUTIFUL, and they are full of SAM AND DEAN. My excitement is undoubtedly evident. (Ha.)

I've played around with the idea of watching Season 1 and writing a fic per episode, but I'm afraid that will push the Muse a bit too much. I don't want her to walk out on me. Still, at least there will be some inspiration flowing (I'm looking at you, Muse of mine).

I love being home! I love Christmas! And I love the BOYS in their plastic-wrapped shiny GOODNESS!
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Was working on Supernatural fic. Was brilliant. Was pushing the save button when...


Me: *hate*
Roommates: ??
Hector (my laptop): *iz ded*
Me: *hopes for doc recovery*
Hector: *revives*
Doc recovery: *lets down*

The end.
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...but I'm considering NaNoWriMo. And possibly making it SPN fic.

Okay, now I know I'm insane.

Anybody done that before? Either NaNoWriMo or insanely long SPN fic?

I can haz survivahl tekneek plz?
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